Another piece of information on what I was doing lately.

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail informing me about an award thingy going on over at
Just for fun I entered and submitted my current demoreel and got pretty far actually. On May 17th I got selected as one of the finalsits in the “Excellence in Compositing” category … wohooo!

I could hardly wait until the winners got announced on June 16th … but sadly I didn´t made it in the top 2.
It would have been an awesome experience (+ fit my schedule perfectly to bridge over the time until October) to work with the folks at Framestore, MPC or Dneg. Nonetheless I am very happy for Sandro and Holly who made it!

Btw: London is still on the list and one day I finally get there … it just could take a little longer.

Must watch video of the day: ITFS Zoopraxiscope by Johannes Schiehsl

(EDIT: sorry guys, the links to cgCoach are no longer working – it should be now, but the old page do not exist anymore.)