A little mood painting I did a while back for the now canceled short film project over at pixelplausch.de. (sadly this german forum / community no longer exists…). I had a good time doing this piece and was at the time quite pleased how it turned out. Obviously the background is gar more successful than the FG character.


Maybe a littl fantasy-related, but I like the moody, dark feeling of the forest. Regarding the techniques it´s nothing special. I went straight to color with this one (quite unusual for me) and the rest is simple Photoshop custom brush – painting.

Done in:

  • Photoshop CS2
  • Wacom Intuos A5Wide
  • listening to the LotR score

(If someone´s asking why I start posting paintings, it´s simply to force myself to post more regularly and (maybe) finally attract someone to my blog.)