I suppose you probably know this by know, because the news was all over the vfx-sites. But for the sake of completeness of the major vfx-bizz happenings (and of course to get the more or less regular posts going) I mention this again…

Not long ago Imageworks was in the news because of they released a couple of their in-house developments as open-source (very generously from them imho) and now they´re again with a big unexpected deal with the Foundry. The development of Katana, the SPI proprietary lighting and compositing application is handed over to the company behind Nuke. The arrangement goes along with a Nuke side-license for the SPI (after ILM and WetaDigital were also adopting Nuke with a side-license), so they are also interested in seeing Katana tightly integrated into the Nuke toolkit (which shouldn´t be too complicated because both programs share a similar architecture.)

In my eyes this is a huge step forward for the Foundry in terms of relighting-technology. Hopefully it turns out to be the link between 2D and 3D we all wanted. The first integrated features of Katana should be incorporated into Nuke until Siggraph 2010…

Btw:  it´ll be very interesting how Eyeon will compensate this shortcut in development time from the Foundry.

2 links to check out:

  • a very indepth article about the topic over at fxguide (with images)
  • the vfxtalk thread (with some inside from actual SPI compositors)